Event Masters exclusively brings a new generation of teambuilding activities to Belgium

Innovating in order to meet businesses’ teambuilding requirements even better

‘Businesses have less money and less time, but want get the maximum effect from a teambuilding activity. As the market leader, we need to respond proactively to this, which is why we are constantly on the look-out for innovations and even more efficiency,’ says Bert Knuts, Managing Director of Event Masters.
‘For instance, we are looking for shorter formulas (a few hours instead of a full day), and concepts that are more budget-friendly and/or have even more impact on team spirit. Because teambuilding sessions are no longer a “soft” activity: they are serious business.’

International research leads to a dream partnership

Over the past year, Event Masters has therefore conducted international research and identified the latest trends in teambuilding, from north to south and from east to west. Bert Knuts: ‘Through this research, we have come into contact with the international forum, Catalyst Global. Like us, they set the bar very high. It’s a dream partnership. Event Masters can use other members’ unbeatable teambuilding concepts and bring them to Belgium on an exclusive basis, and vice versa: some of our concepts have already found their way to other countries. These are invariably tried and tested, strong formats that have already proved their worth before they are included in the Catalyst Global network. Guaranteed quality always comes first.’

First new concept is an instant hit

‘Orchestrate’ is the first teambuilding activity to come from the new partnership with Catalyst Global and be brought to Belgium by Event Masters. This concept is as simple as it is powerful, and enables your employees, who may never have held a classical musical instrument, to excel themselves. How? By getting them to study the score of the world-famous, highly dramatic Carmina Burana for an hour and a half… (Yes, you read that correctly!). And then perform it together as an accomplished orchestra. Not possible, you say? It is with ‘Orchestrate’! And how!

Nothing is what it seems…

‘Orchestrate’ starts as a normal performance of Carmina Burana by a classical symphonic orchestra with strings, trombones, clarinets and percussion, under a conductor. Your employees are the audience. Then the conductor suddenly interrupts the performance… He addresses your employees and invites them to experience this piece not as members of the audience… but as performers!
Confusion and clamour in the auditorium… Disbelief everywhere, and nervous giggles here and there…

A masterly performance without prior musical knowledge

This is where the real teambuilding part starts: each participant chooses a classical instrument. Team members with the same instrument first practise the composition in separate groups. Professional musicians accompany them and teach them the score with a special, highly accessible technique that uses colour codes. Absolutely no prior musical knowledge is required.

What at first seems like mission impossible soon becomes an exciting challenge for everyone. Numerous social skills are employed in the process: listening to each other, getting a feel for each other’s roles, refining together, learning together, and above all growing together.

A metaphor that may make a difference…

After the individual practice sessions comes the final performance. And here your employees need to move up another gear. The different instruments will now need to be perfectly adjusted to one another. The drums must not sound too loud, or they will be overbearing. The clarinets must not be too quiet, or people won’t hear them. Compare it with the cogs in a watch. There too, every component must be perfectly coordinated. And after all, it’s no different in a company. Metaphorically, the orchestra is your business, the conductor is your CEO and the musicians playing a particular musical instrument are your departments. An orchestra has – like your company (right?) – one common goal. After ‘Orchestrate’, this becomes a powerful idea.

Looking for more ideas? Keep an eye on Event Masters!

Event Masters has many other innovative concepts in the pipeline besides ‘Orchestrate’ from its partnership with Global Catalyst.
Curious about ‘Orchestrate’ or other possibilities? Call us, email us or drop in for a free chat. The coffee is ready! See you soon?

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Five reasons why you should choose ‘Orchestrate’

  • ‘Orchestrate’ is a teambuilding activity suitable for 60 to 600 participants.
  • ‘Orchestrate’ can be completed in around two hours. In terms of impact, it often scores far higher than a whole-day activity! If desired, it can thus be perfectly well integrated with a work or business section of the day.
  • It is not dependent on language, culture or weather.
  • It has a huge impact on team cohesion, because it makes participants more aware than ever before, in a completely different context, of the power of teamwork.
  • If your employees hear Carmina Burana again on the radio 30 years later… That’s right… You know what they will remember. With a smile. That can really count as an image builder.
Catalyst Global is an international and global network of teambuilding professionals that one market leader in B-2-B events may join from each country. The members come from 34 countries and exchange know-how, best practices and innovative concepts in the field of teambuilding activities. All Catalyst Global concepts are patented and can therefore only be offered by members in their respective countries on an exclusive basis. Through its partnership with Catalyst Global, Event Masters has considerably strengthened its market leadership in Belgium. All new activities can be found at www.catalystteambuilding.be, but are carried out by Event Masters. Event Masters has just launched ‘Orchestrate’, a first concept from Catalyst Global, and it has proved an immediate hit.